Microsoft CRM 4.0 for total business visibility: Hosted or On-site
Microsoft CRM Sales Automation
CRM for Sales

If you empower your sales force to do their jobs more effectively, you’ll drive sales. That’s why Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM helps your salespeople become more efficient tracking sales, managing teams, and better accessing decision-driving information.

From the office or the road, sales reps have comprehensive, easy-to-customize sales force automation capabilities that let them quickly connect to data, respond to customers, and capitalize on opportunities as they happen. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful sales edge for your team—and a huge driver for your business’ success.
Microsoft CRM Marketing Automation
CRM for Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM turns your business analytics into actionable knowledge. You’ll get a deeper understanding of your customer’s motivations so you can better target your marketing efforts, online and offline.

Respond faster to emerging opportunities, track campaign results, fine-tune messaging, and use your marketing dollars more efficiently and effectively. Microsoft Dynamics CRM transforms your data into marketing campaigns that get higher response rates. And that translates into more revenue for your business.
Microsoft CRM Customer Service
CRM Customer Service

No one is closer to your customers than your customer service team. They are the frontline of support and when they can do their job well, they can foster relationships that help your business thrive.

With Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM you’ll not only build stronger relationships with your customers—you’ll actually reduce costs inherent in providing excellent customer support. And the familiar, intuitive interface and advanced productivity features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, helps customer service representatives rapidly find customer service solutions.

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