Sage CRM Integration with ERP and Accounting
SageCRM Integration
Integration between SageCRM and back-office accounting and financial applications provides organizations with a holistic CRM solution that offers a complete view of all customer interactions that is essential for making more insightful business decisions.

Application Integration

SageCRM Development Team and Shore Resolutions
are commited to bringing integrated front-office and back-office solutions to its customers. CRM solutions can be seamlessly integrated with your ERP, Accounting, and Custom In-House Solutions.

It's this tight integration between Sage CRM Solutions and Sage Software back-office solutions that enables everyone in your organization—from sales and marketing to accounting and finance to support and shipping—to work together, efficiently, in the business of building profitable customer relationships.


Integrating Sage CRM Solutions with your back-office applications gives your
employees greater customer insight by enabling them to:

Shore Resolutions Arrow Quickly identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
Shore Resolutions Arrow Easily access payment history information
Shore Resolutions Arrow Identify additional purchasing power—or lack of
Shore Resolutions Arrow Identify availability of products for Sales
Shore Resolutions Arrow Quickly assist customers with order status
Shore Resolutions Arrow Generate more accurate quotes and proposals