Sage CRM Marketing Automation and Campaign Management
SageCRM Marketing
Manage and track every element of your campaigns with SageCRM. View activities, objectives, leads generated, and lead follow-up, and drill down to specific activities within a campaign. This user-friendly CRM solution provides you an in-depth view of your campaigns and enables you to eliminate the guesswork and put your company’s marketing resources to their best use.

Marketing Automation

SageCRM Marketing Automation Software
takes control of your marketing dollars by automating and tracking every marketing campaign, from one-time e-mail communications to multi-faceted marketing programs. SageCRM marketing automation provides accurate metrics on all of your marketing activities, enabling you to close more new business and capitalize on lucrative cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

With SageCRM, you can target the right customer at the right time, eliminate guesswork, improve campaign management, and put your company's marketing resources to their best use. Execute more effective campaigns, track responses faster and easier than ever before, and make sound decisions based on what your customers want and how they respond.

SageCRM Marketing Calling Campain Manager

Maximizing Sales

Shore Resolutions Arrow Campaign Management
Assign, schedule and track marketing activities within a campaign.
Shore Resolutions Arrow Lead Management
Give your sales team real-time access to the latest prospects and campaigns, keeping them in the loop each step of the way.
Shore Resolutions Arrow E-mail Management
Send HTML e-mails, create e-mail templates and send attachments to bulk e-mail messages.
Shore Resolutions Arrow List Management
Create new target lists from selected criteria, re-use successful campaign lists and import mail-house
Shore Resolutions Arrow Outbound Call Management
Integrate outbound calls into any marketing campaign, and set up target lists and follow-up calls.
Shore Resolutions Arrow Reporting
Create point-and-click reports and graphs for on-the-spot analysis and decision-making.