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Backing Up Microsoft Outlook PDF Print E-mail
Shore Resolutions has created a quick set of easy to follow instructions on backing up your Microsoft Outlook Files.

Shore Resolutions has spent a lot of time walking people through backing up their Microsoft Outlook, so we decided to create a quick set of easy to follow instructions. These instructions will allow you to backup your Outlook Calendar, your Contacts, your E-Mail, Tasks, and whatever else you save in Outlook. We HIGHLY recommend following this procedure periodically to make sure you always have a backup of Mail/Calendar/Contacts. The output will be 1 file which you can then burn to a CD or DVD (pending how big the file is), and should be kept in a safe place.

Open Microsoft Outlook and go to "File" -> "Import and Export”
The following Window will appear:

Select "Export to a file" and Click "Next".

When the next window comes up, scroll down and highlight (single mouse click) the option "Personal Folder File (.pst)"

On the next Window, Select “Personal Folders” (If you had renamed it, select the top level folder to make sure you back up everything). Then make sure to check the box that says, “Include Sub Folders” and hit “Next”:

Quick piece of advice - clear out junk mail, empty trash, and clear out your sent folder beforehand.

On the next Screen Select where you want the exported file to be saved – you can also select whatever name you want the file to be called.

We recommend naming the file something with the Date in it to help easily identify when the backup was created. Also make sure you take notice of where you are saving the file to so you can easily find it and burn it to a CD or DVD for safe keeping.

The file may take a while to be created especially if you have a lot of saved mail, contacts, and calendar entries.

1) If you do this process for a second or third time, you will notice Outlook will remember the file name you selected and will ask you if you want to Replace Duplicate Items. I recommend changing the file name and creating a completely new Exported File - instead of just appending to the last.

2) This process is especially critical if when you set up Outlook you left the default settings of "Not Leaving a Copy of the email on the Server". Basically what this means is that when a new email comes in on your email server, it gets downloaded to your computer running Outlook and that's it - it's no longer on the server once you have it in Outlook. If you change that setting, copies of your email will remain on the server, but you will be limited to how much space you have for email.

3) We recommend taking control of your email and backing it up yourself. There are other great email applications such as Mozilla, now Thunderbird, which are free and offer additional tools to help manage and prevent spam.

In conclusion, I hope you find this information useful. More tutorials on general computer assistance, SageCRM, Microsoft CRM, E-Mail Issues, and Microsoft Office will be added on a regular basis. If you would like to see certain tutorials, please feel free to Contact Us

Matt Petrosky
Shore Resolutions