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An award winning team, partnerships with industry leading vendors, and our Relentless Customer Service make Shore Resolutions the right choice.

CRM Overview

CRM Solutions provide enterprise-wide access to vital customer information - anytime, anywhere. You can better manage your business by integrating field sales, internal sales, customer care and marketing information.

Improve your operations and increase profits by adapting a total CRM philosophy utilizing Software Technology.
Systems are available in a Client Server environment as well as an Internet Hosted Environment. Shore Resolutions is certified in both on-site & remote implementations of Sage CRM, Microsoft CRM, as well as implementing hosted and hosted Microsoft CRM Online solutions.

Web Design Overview

Over 15 years of experience in Web Site Design

Shore Resolutions will deliver the optimum technology for the design and development of your Internet presence. Our programming languages include Java, C++, C, ASP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, PHP, HTML, XML, Flash, JavaScript, Perl, SQL, and Visual Basic. Our team of award-winning Web developers, graphic designers, and systems engineers will produce a one-of-a-kind design and navigation scheme that draws a visitor in, allows them to explore and encourages them to return. Each of our Web sites are optimized for all browser-specific extensions, Internet connections and screen resolutions. They are custom designed to meet our client's specific needs in the management and growth of their objective.

Shore Resolutions is a leading provider of Web Based Business Intelligence Application, Hosted CRM Solutions, and Custom Database Driven Web Sites. Shore Resolutions also specializes is SEO or Search Engine Optimization to ensure your customers can find you on the web. Please visit our SEO page for more details.

SEO Overview

SEO :: Search Engine Optimization :: Optimizing Web Sites For Google - Yahoo - Ask

Shore Resolutions has spent numerous Research and Development dollars in becoming experts in the field of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Search Engine Optimization is about gaining positioning and high ranking amongst Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Ask.

Shore Resolutions has found that we can most effectively optimize your web site and give you a high rank on search engines through subscription services. All new web sites created by Shore Resolutions contain the elements and Keywords needed to better position a web site, but total SEO is an ongoing process. Each effort is completely tailored to the individual business needs.

Software Development Overview

Shore Resolutions has expertise in architecting, developing, and implementing total software solution & custom integration of existing solutions. We begin by thoroughly examining your businesses processes and analyzing your business needs, industry and product requirements. After we complete a needs analysis and determine the most cost effective solution, we present a detailed time line and project plan for your approval.

Email Marketing Solutions

Shore Resolutions is partnered with publishers of e-mail marketing software. Marketing through bulk e-mail can be effective with solutions that show you who opened your e-mail, how many times they opened it, and if they forward the message. Professional Templates are set up and ready to use with SPAM Compliant hosted email marketing software.

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Our Mission

Shore Resolutions strives to innovate and reinvent the marketplace with our strategic client solutions. Our services, combined with our award winning software architects, provide businesses with a complete 360 degree view of their business. By providing crucial information, to the right people, in real time, management can make better business decisions. If your business is investigating financial business software, business intelligence software, or ERP software, or CRM Software, Shore Resolutions offers a free consultation.

We Stand Apart

We at Shore Resolutions believe successful projects are based on taking the time in the beginning to truly understand our client's business and operating environment. Industry expertise, support from our vendors, and most importantly, our Relentless Customer Service, make Shore Resolutions a leader in business software solutions throughout New Jersey, New York, and the Philadelphia Metro Area.